Professional Development

Professional Development

Welcome to the AWSS PD section, Your One-Stop Hub For Continuous Learning


At AWSS Alumni, we seek to provide quality Professional Development sessions* for all our alumni members so as to encourage continuous learning as you teach and impact the lives of the children under you, as well as to provide a platform for you to have networking opportunities with other members, our staff and our trainers. We aim to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself, and unlocking your greatest potential as a ASCTA Swim Teacher.


*AWSS ASCTA-accredited Swim Teachers who wish to renew their teaching qualifications are required to accumulate – and provide evidence of having accumulated – 10 Professional Development hours during their 3-year accreditation cycle. 


Personal Branding & Honorable Etiquette

What does it take to create a positive and impactful impression that is a cut above the rest? How does one maintain such a brand for themselves and continue to soar higher? In this session, we will be covering the importance of branding and dealing honorably in any business.

Effective Communication With Parents

The development of a child is of the utmost priority when it comes to parenting, but how can we put a message across to parents about growth and challenges in a way that helps them understand their child’s journey? In this session, we will be looking at ways on the different types of parents and how to respond to them.