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Available only at AWSS, Joey Lingo™ is the first and the only module in the world to combine early childhood education and swimming techniques. The module focuses on child development and understanding of behavioral characteristics while in a swimming pool. With it, you will be able to provide an interactive and developmentally appropriate learning environment,

The SAT B&T module prepares learners for lessons with caregivers and dependent learners of babies and toddlers, so that they are prepared with basic knowledge of swimming and water safety when they go for out-of-class swimming sessions.

The SAT Module equips you with the obligatory competencies to teach individuals and groups of varying ages and capabilities. The modules cover from mechanics of swimming to water safety. Learners will receive a Statement of Attainment as proof of proficiency in delivering water related and personal safety & survival lessons, upon module completion.


You are required to learn the fundamentals of water safety, theory and practical aspects of land-based and water-based non-contact rescue, as well as resuscitation skills to carry out lessons.

The CPR module prepares you for unforeseen swimming accidents with practical experience in lifesaving techniques such as Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR),


You will learn fundamental coaching skills and techniques used in lesson delivery and effective teaching of basic swimming strokes – approved by Swim Australia™.

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